Radon in the media:‚Äč

What you need to know about radon and your new home!

Dr. Aaron Goodarzi is the head of the Evict Radon program through the University of Calgary. For the past few years they have provided radon test kits to Alberta residents for research pertaining to DNA damage and how that can cause and predict cancer.

Recently, Dr. Goodarzi gave an excellent Tedx talk on radon gas and his project. In a well delivered presentation he makes the dangers of living in a home with high radon levels very clear and easy to understand. Sometimes the bigger message of radon causing lung cancer is glossed over when scientists talk science to other scientists and the average resident or homeowner, the people most susceptible to this Class 1 carcinogen, cannot fully understand the dangers or what exactly a high radon level means for them and their families.

Without pulling any punches on the severity of lung cancer, Dr. Goodarzi compellingly addresses radon in a manner digestible by everyone. From the smartest person in the room to the person possibly hearing about radon gas for the first time.

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