What is Radon?

Radon is a natural [soil] gas, which is: colorless, odorless, and carcinogenic.  Radon enters buildings openings through small cracks and openings in the in the foundation.  The only way to identify the levels inside the building is to test for the radon. from below and it raises from the earth.  When this gas is inhaled, the decaying radon gas separates into radioactive radon decay products (RDPs).  These RDPs, contain alpha- and beta- radiation and damage the lining of the lungs over time.

Long-term exposure to radon may lead to lung cancer.  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Department of Nuclear Services (IEMA) and United States Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have identified the lung cancer mortality rate from radon exposure to be approximately 21,000.

We are licensed to provide radon testing for all types of buildings, including: 

  • DCFS testing for private and commercial day care centers

  • Follow-up radon testing

  • HUD

  • Real estate transaction testing

  • Compliance radon testing

  • University and Education testing

  • Multi-Family