Hazards of Lead-based Paint

Image credits: USEPA

Types of Lead Inspections

Bypass Hazard Identification

When an owner/client decides to skip an initial hazard identification assessment protocol and move directly to their assumed and/or suspected hazard areas, this is considered a Bypass inspection.

This may be performed after cleanup actions.  IF any areas fail the inspection, the risk assessor will recommend additional correction and clearance testing.

(A second inspection).

(EPA 40 CFR part 745)

Combination Risk Assessment / Inspection

When an owner / client wants to identify the source of the lead-based paint hazards. 

This type inspection combines the elements of an inspection (surface-by-surface measurement with and XRF analyzer) with the soil and dust sampling components  (part of a  risk assessment); together the results will generate data to compose  a Risk Assessment Report with suggested Interim Control Options with Estimated Costs and a Reevaluation and Monitoring Schedule.   (EPA 40 CFR part 745) 

Lead Hazard Screen

A lead hazard screen is a type of risk assessment that applies to housing in good condition as defined in the HUD Guidelines.  Fewer samples are collected from these sites as they are typically less likely to be lead-based hazards.  However, the criteria for evaluation of the dust sampling is much more strict. (EPA 40 CFR part 745)


Reevaluation Inspections are needed in dwellings where lead-based paint remains, or is believed to remain, even if it is presently in a nonhazardous condition.

Reevaluations are not needed in dwellings which have been established as hazard free by the managers and/or owners.

(EPA 40 CFR part 745)

Lead based Paint  & Lead based Paint Risk Assessment Protocol

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