Indoor Air Quality Surveys 

What is Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the measure or measurements of the atmosphere in your surrounding.  These measurements are assessed against the standards that The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlines. 


Poor indoor air quality can result in asthma, headaches, poor sleep, dizziness, weakness, nausea, drowsiness, damage to liver/kidneys, and in extremely rare cases, death.  

Northern Illinois Radon LLC brings the testing to you; exercising our expertise in environmental air quality assessments.  Offering residential and commercial testing plans to best suit the demands of our clients and their goals of clean buildings.

What is in the air we breathe? 

Air Quality Testing For All Building Types and Sizes

Chemicals (VOCs) in the air we breathe make up the largest and most complex aspect of indoor air quality.  Reducing the complex analysis of hundreds of chemicals to an understandable and actionable form is key to improving indoor air quality. 

Prism’s IAQ Home and Commercial Survey’s provide:

  •     Determination of the total level of VOCs (TVOC) in the air

  •     Assessment of the air quality relative to recommended guidelines

  •     Categorization of VOC sources

  •     Prediction of sources contributing to the TVOC level

  •     Suggestions on actions needed to improve air quality


The Result is:

A cost effective, easy to understand report that provides the information required to develop an actionable plan for improving air quality

Indoor Air Quality Surveys 

Modern Villa


Residential indoor air quality may be challenging to identify due to complex building architecture, environmental conditions, and VOC sources nearby.




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Modern Office


Commercial indoor air quality is a critical air quality component to address as soon as an issue is brought to attention.

 Most people spend time away from their home in a commercial office space of some type.  When indoor air quality complaints arise, it is critical to investigate before health issues escalate and/or complaints increase. 

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Office Space


Industrial Building


Luxury Home